Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 29 - Something You're Listening To

Right now I'm listening to all kinds of stuff but these two are at the top of my personal list right now! I absolutely LOVE Mandisa's album and all of the songs speak to me in some way! These Days is a song that truly speaks to my heart because I'm trying each day to just enjoy where I am RIGHT NOW! Some days are so hard because I'm not where I "want" to be, but I'm where the Lord has put me (which is the BEST place)...just sometimes I need reminders! :) Listen along and see if you like! Trust me, the whole album is great!

Another song that I love right now is I Was Here by Beyonce. This is a beautiful song by an amazing artist! Sometimes, I just wonder what people will remember me by and if I'm doing enough of what God put me here to do and this song says it beautifully!