Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coupon Redeemed

One of the gifts that Rob and I gave my brother was a sushi dinner on us. He has become a HUGE fan of sushi so we gave him a "coupon" for a sushi dinner at the restaurant of his choice. Jacob and Justin came up Monday morning and were kind enough to "let" me hang out with them all day. We had a great (but slow) dinner at Surin of Madison! Jacob and Justin have been coming up and spending the night with us basically since I got married. Rob and I enjoy having them around so much and wish they could come more often!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mad Gab

Christmas night some of my family came over to my parents to visit. My cousins had gotten a game called "Mad Gab" for Christmas so we decided to try it out. If you have ever played this game, you KNOW how funny it can be! If you haven't had the experience of this game, you need to RUN (not walk) to your local Walmart and pick it up! It is hilarious....especially with some Southern "twang." I haven't laughed as much as I did that night in SO long. It was SO funny and just a blast! I hope we get to do it again soon!

This is just ONE of the MANY videos that we took throughout the night. We were all very funny trying to figure out what the phrase was but my uncle Robert was by far the funniest!!!

Rob and I just keep watching all of these videos because they are so funny! I have the funniest family!

I hope you enjoy your Mad Gab game as much as we did!

Fun Times

We had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by our amazing family. Rob and I drove to Oneonta on Christmas Eve to have dinner with my grandmother. We spent the night at my parents house and watched "Four Christmases," which has become one of our "regular" Christmas movies. Christmas morning we opened gifts with my parents and brother. My parents got me a KitchenAid mixer that I am SO excited about. I have wanted one for SO long!Rob got a BlueRay player that he is also very excited aboutWe got LOTS of great and thoughtful presents! My parents cooked a HUGE southern breakfast with all the fixins.' Aren't they cute in their aprons!Here are a few snapshots of our great dayThere were people in and out of my parents' house all day. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful and fun-loving and FUNNY family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

We wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! May we all remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas!

"He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth" Luke 1:14

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today I'm participating in The Christmas Card Carousel over at Walk with me by Faith. I LOVE Christmas cards and am excited to see what everyone's look like and get ideas for next year.

We hope everyone has a magical Christmas season!!

(Our printer/scanner is struggling these days so this is a picture of a picture so sorry for the bad quality...maybe Santa will bring us a new printer)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

This year I decided to participate in the Blogging World's Christmas Tour of Homes. The Nesting Place is hosting the tour this year and I'm excited to participate! (Prepare yourself, this is going to be a LONG post) This year's decorations look a lot like last year's so maybe next year I'll change it up some. I love snowmen and just the simple red and white! Since our living room has a red accent wall these Christmas colors also work.

I'll start with our outdoor decorations. I prefer simple outdoor Christmas decorations, even though I love driving around and looking at all the cheesy Christmas decor. Rob and I spend as many evenings as possible driving around looking at Christmas lights and decorations! We had a white light snowman but he "died" last year in a windstorm. We went this year and picked up a new one. Is it just me or are there more tacky decorations to choose from than just simple ones?
I also needed a new wreath this year but I found this at a local craft show and LOVED it! It's so cheerful and colorful and I love it so much more than my wreath.

I also got a new flag and OF COURSE it's monogrammed! I found it at Priester's Pecans which is on the way to Gulf Shores. Rob and I always stop there on our way to Gulf Shores or on our way home. It is such a neat store!Here's what the front yard looks like
Now on to the inside of the house. Our Christmas tree has lots of snowmen ornaments among others but most are red and white. Instead of a tree topper we have a bow on the top. I looked all over this year for something new but really didn't find anything that just wowed me so I'm going to look again after Christmas (hopefully it will also be cheaper)
Christmas trees are never as pretty in pictures as they are in person. Why is that exactly? Anyway, here are a few of my favorite ornaments.
I found a pack of these red snowflakes at Target last year and I LOVE them. They are glittery and show up SO well. I went back to find some more but of course they were out and I can't seem to find any that are as pretty as these.

I found our stockings online after Christmas a few years ago and paid 5.00 for each of them. I bought 2 extras (just in case we had this point I would just like to use 1 of them :) ) Even though I keep seeing other stockings that I like, I just can't part with these!
Last year I found this fireplace screen at Kirkland's and I just love it. It matches the whole red/white them we have and it's just so whimsical and happy!
I decorated the mantle last year with "presents" using Hallmark's color coordinated papers and I loved it so much that I used it again. I hope to work on something new for next year but I really like doing this. It's much easier and cheaper than any other mantle decorations that I have done. There are also lots of snowmen in our kitchen too. When I registered for bridal gifts I found the Woodland Snowmen made by Fitz and Floyd and six years later I still love these pieces. I put them in my hutch along with our Christmas dishes.
I have a 10 piece setting of these dishes and I love them. Rob and I got engaged in November, 2002 and that Christmas was my first one with Rob's family. Rob's brother's family came out from Oklahoma and the whole Akins clan was there! Little did I or any of the rest of us know, that would be the the last Christmas with Rob's mom. When she found out we were all going to be at her house for Christmas, she went out and bought this huge set of dishes because she was SO excited. After she died, my father-in-law gave them to us and I absolutely love and treasure them!

The dogs even get in the Christmas spirit. Their treats get put into a Christmas canister.
I also hang up mistletoe.
Another one of my favorite Christmas items is this snowglobe that my parents gave me a few years ago. If you've read my blog or know us, you know how much we LOVE Walt Disney World! Mom found me this Christmas snowglobe and it's even personalized (which makes it even better)
If you are still with me after this LONG post, Thanks! I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Tour. I can't wait to see everyone else's tours and get LOTS of ideas for next year!!!!

I'm working on a post of all the crafts I have mastered this season! I hope to have that post up this week, but with all that I have to do this week, it could possibly be next week! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

Today we took our "youngest" to see Santa Claus. Buster went a few years ago and Sam really isn't "in to" things like that. This morning we had some free time so we dressed Minnie up in her puff jacket and headed to Petsmart. Minnie LOVES Petsmart, probably because she gets to ride around in the buggy and she ALWAYS gets a new toy. She was a little unsure of meeting Santa, but warmed up quite nicely.
Isn't this too cute? Since we don't have children yet, this has to get us our "fix." It's the best we have! :) And she's pretty cute if I do say so!

First Snow of the Year (Probably the Last)

Yesterday, the dogs woke me up at 6:30. Apparently, they knew that it had snowed outside. Rumor had it that it could snow, but we didn't pay attention. How many times a year do the weather people tease us with the "s" word? Well, this time they were right. We went out and spent about 30 mintues in the white stuff (Actually, Rob and the dogs went out and played and I watched through the doors and windows. It was COLD! HA!) After the fun in the snow, we all headed back in and curled back up in the bed and slept for a few more hours. Hello, it was 6:30...far too early to get up on a Saturday! ;)

Rob took a few pics of the house and the dogs.

There's something about snow a few weeks from Christmas that can really put you in the Christmas spirit!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Heart...

Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks. I love this time of year for so many reasons but Gingerbread Lattes are definitely towards the top of the list.

Dear Starbucks, can't Gingerbread be one of my choices ALL YEAR...who said gingerbread was just for Christmas?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iron Bowl 2009

Thank goodness the 2009 Iron Bowl is over and my nerves are still in check! What a nail biter! My parents had an Iron Bowl Bash at their house with lots of friends and we watched the game with them. I really enjoyed last year's Iron Bowl so much more....I mean 36-0 is so much easier to stomach. Thankfully though, it worked out for us Bama fans! Now on to Saturday....I may not have any nails left by game's end on Saturday! ;)
The weather was beautiful so everyone hung out outside and "tailgated."
Rob enjoying his wings

Even though we wear different colors, I still love him at the end of the game. :)

Much to be Thankful For!

Our Thanksgiving was spent in Oneonta at my parents. We loaded up the dogs and packed the car on Wednesday and headed out. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family and even saw some family members we haven't seen in like 5 years, which is always a delight!

We spent Thanksgiving night visiting and playing "Catchphrase" with the family members that were left. We had 10 people playing and it was so much fun! We had such a great time with our family!

This Thanksgiving was not anything like I thought it would be. The year of 2009 did not pan out like Rob and I were hoping it would. Even though things didn't work out like we wanted and wished for, we still have so much to be thankful for. We have wonderful families, wonderful friends, the BEST 3 dogs, our health, our jobs and our happiness. On top of that we have a Savior, who is taking all of our questions and stresses and handling them the way they need to be handled and loving us even on the days when we question Him. How could we ask for anything else? I hope that we all took some time on Thursday to reflect on how much we have in our lives and how thankful we should be not just on Thanksgiving, but every day!

Relaxing Weekend at the Beach

Last weekend we headed to Gulf Shores with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday. We went down on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. November is such a relaxing time to go to the beach. It is so quiet and peaceful and it was such a nice getaway. While we were there, we toured Fort Morgan (which I haven't seen since I was about 10). It hasn't changed, of course, but it was more interesting this time.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the highs were in the 70's. It just doesn't get any better!

We also ate lots of great food. We have found a new "favorite" restaurant, Lester's. Lester's is on Canal Road and if you are ever in the area you should definitely stop in and try their smoked tuna dip and bread pudding. Both of these are to die for! :)

We also tried Papa Rocco's for the first time. We always discuss eating there and finally tried it. We had this yummy shrimp pizza! Papa Rocco's was good and we will definitely have this again.

How relaxed and close to God would you feel if you woke up to this every morning?

We had a wonderful time celebrating Dad's birthday. Now we need to find another reason to go back soon! :)