Sunday, November 27, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake

While in DC, we decided to head to Georgetown and try out Georgetown Cupcake. If you have watched the TLC show DC Cupcake then you know all about this cupcake shop. It is really a cute little shop but CRAZY busy!

These pics were with my phone so they aren't very high quality.

Inside the store
The daily menu...the cupcakes were $2.75 each which I didn't think was too pricey. Considering, GiGi's cupcakes are like $5 each, their price was a steal. And Georgetown Cupcakes were MUCH BETTER!!!
The packaging - how cute are these little boxes
I had the chocolate and vanilla cupcake (on the left) and Rob had the red velvet (on the right). They were DELICIOUS!!! Like I could see myself ordering them and having them shipped delicious! :)

US Capitol

We also toured the Capitol while we were in DC. If you've ever seen the Capitol, you know how beautiful it is. It's even prettier than I remember it being.
Inside the dome
Closeup of the Dome
Speaker of the House, John Boehner's office

Such a beautiful and historic building

Smithsonian - Air & Space Museum

The Air & Space Museum was also pretty interesting. This was my first visit here and I would have liked to have spent more time there.

Spirit of St. Louis

Lunar Landing Module
Seats in an early commercial airplane....can you imagine? UGG!
Different planes...I really like how this museum is organized, even though it's an overload! :)

Smithsonian - Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History has a lot of cool stuff in it but it was really crowded so we didn't get a lot of pictures. We did see the Hope Diamond but didn't fight the crowd for a pic.

This was probably the neatest thing to me. This is the actual capsule used in saving the Chilean miners. It is TINY!!! But I guess if you've been underground that long, you don't care how small the capsule is if it's going to save your life!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Smithsonian - American History Museum

The first Smithsonian museum that we did was the American History Museum. Of course, we were only in DC for a week and it would take WEEKS to do all of the Smithsonians but I would love to go back and hit a few more.

Many of the displays did not allow photography so there aren't many pictures. Of course, my favorite is the First Lady display with the Inaugural Ball gowns along with some of their personal items.
Julia Childs' kitchen
The original Washington Monument was a depiction of George Washington as a Greek God.
This is the actual lunch counter from the Greensboro Sit-In. In 1960, MANY African-Americans as well as some white students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University staged a protest at the lunch counter at a Woolworth's department store. I never knew the story of this sit-in (as I only know of the civil rights events that happened in Alabama from my high school Alabama History classes) so I read more on it here.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is, in my opinion, one of the most touching places in the country. Every direction you look, you see rolling hills and rows of headstones of our service members. This was my second visit here with my first being in 1999. Though I did appreciate it then, it took my breath away this time. Not only am I years older, but my last visit was pre-911 and before our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Times were different then, as well as my wisdom. Arlington is a reminder of how blessed we are to live in this country where we are free! We need to be reminded that this freedom came with a high price and many, many men and women gave their lives for it!
The eternal flame for JFK. John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy are both buried here.
The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is so touching. The precision and synchronization of their moves are nothing short of amazing! It is such a beautiful and touching event.