Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Paisley Change

When Rob and I got married, we registered for two sets of dishes which was one of the smartest decisions we made during that time. We chose an 8-place setting of white everyday dishes and then chose a 4-place setting of colorful dishes with fat chefs. I know myself and I knew I would get tired of those fat chefs after a while. Well, it took me 6 years but I was finally SICK of looking at them. (Actually I was tired of them after about year 4) So, I sold all of my chef stuff to someone that works with Rob and used that money to buy new dishes. I learned with the fat chefs that "themed kitchens" are a BAD idea for me. I am very fickle and change my mind fairly regularly.

So, anyway after much looking I finally found dishes that I absolutely LOVE! I found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
The Platter:

The dinner plate
The setting minus the coffee mugs
I haven't decided exactly how I want to arrange everything. I will probably buy a couple of other things and rearrange this but for now this is what it looks like. I love it so much more than those fat chefs. Ha! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the cannisters? Email me and let me know. I love the dishes!!!

Scott and Mer said...

I hate my fat chefs too!!! I am dreaming about the day when i get to buy new dishes. But for now I will just have to continue using my fat chefs :) I love the new dishes ~ i have looked at those several times at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.