Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last Saturday, Rob and I headed to T-Town for some Bama tailgating! It was Homecoming so there were lots of festivities and things to see. We enjoyed the parade and then headed to the Quad for some real tailgating! Thank you Ray family!!!! There is just nothing better than tailgating with friends and family in Tuscaloosa!

My dad, Jacob and Donny in deep conversation....probably discussing Oneonta's loss the night before at their Homecoming.

Jacob, Donny, and Dad posing

Amanda and Pearce (I think Amanda and I were the only two that were absolutely freezing the entire day!)

All bundled up and it's early!

and J-Ray acting like who else....J-Ray!

As the night progressed I got colder and colder. At one point I had on my fleece jacket, a down vest and scarf. I was also wrapped in a blanket and had a fleece blanket thrown on top of me! I was SO cold! But how cute is my houndstooth scarf that I got for $9.99...yay me!

Please notice that I look like the abominable snowman and Rob looks barely chilled. Apparently, I'm a sissy!

We had a great time as usual! Hopefully we will find another available weekend to hang out again!