Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack Daniels BBQ Championship

On Saturday, my parents and friends Becky and Steve came up and we all headed to Lynchburg, Tennessee for the Jack Daniels BBQ Championship. The drive to Lynchburg is beautiful during this time of year with all of the Fall colors. It was a little overcast and pretty chilly but a lot of fun! We ate lots of food from BBQ ribs to footlong corn dogs to ribbon fries to cheesecake on a stick. This is our second time to go to this event and it is always a lot of fun.

Rob enjoying a rocking chair made out of a whiskey barrel
Dad enjoying a frozen lemonade

"The man" and me

Mom and Dad enjoying the rocking chairs at the Jack Daniels Distillary

Becky and myself posing for the camera (probably after eating something) :)

We left the BBQ Championship and headed back to our house to watch the Alabama/Tennessee game. We all stressed and bit our nails until the last second of the game but were overjoyed with the outcome. RTR! After the game, we had dinner at Beauregards and enjoyed some wings while watching the Auburn/LSU game that unfortunately didn't have such a good outcome! All in all it was a wonderful Fall day with great friends and family!!