Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Boss's Day (to me)!

Tomorrow is National Boss's Day but since I'm not working tomorrow my staff threw me a party today. They had prepared food and desserts and it was YUMMY! I forgot to take pictures before we ate so the pics are of half eaten food....ha!

We had a mexican casserole that was yummy and cheese dip (always one of my favorites). Apparently they all know how much I LOVE Mexican food! :)

And Mexican cornbread...

We also had a Reese Cup trifle (if you know me, you know my fave candy bar is a Reese Cup) and a scrumptious Mississippi Mud Cake!

Not only did they bring amazing food, they also bought me the MAC perfume that I've been wanting. Apparently it is MAC's newest scent and smells SO GOOD! (And of course that is NOT a People Style Watch magazine sitting on my desk)

Here are more pictures from the day

Kyle, Brandi and Katie enjoying the yummy food:

Katie and Meagan (posing, of course) :)

Kyle working HARD! :)

I am over another office as well but I'm not with them every day. This group, however, I'm with all day, every day and they are a lot of fun (most of the time...haha). They are such a funny group of people and they keep me laughing all of the time. It is so nice to enjoy the people that you work with and even when I'm having a bad day, they can ususally snap me out of it! Thanks so much guys for giving me a great Boss's Day!