Sunday, September 27, 2009

Celebrating 6 Years!!

Last night Rob and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. For the last 4 years we have taken a big trip to celebrate but this year we stayed here for a couple of reasons. First off, we are in our 6th week of Financial Peace University at church so a big trip just did not fit into our "Cash Flow Planning." Dave Ramsey would not have approved. HA! Also, we have already spent a week in Walt Disney World and a week in Gulf Shores so far this year and we are going back to Gulf Shores in November so needless to say, we just stayed close to home! I'm not going to lie - I was a little bummed out about it at first - I mean we have had some awesome anniversary trips - Tampa, Las Vegas TWICE, and cruised to Mexico. Yes I know, I'm a brat! I got over it though!

Rob always knows how to make things special....leave it to him! We started out at the movies and saw

The movie wasn't really what we were expecting but it was a very sweet movie. I love anything with Jennifer Aniston so I was a happy girl! I would recommend can get a little slow but the message is awesome!

After the movie we had dinner at Connor's, of course. No matter what I get there, it is unbelievable! I guess we were so excited about our food that I didn't even pull out the camera. Rob had the Boursin Filet which is always wonderful and I had the crab-encrusted tilapia! YUMMY! They needed our table to accomodate a big party so they offered us free dessert! LOVE IT!!! So, Rob got the upside down German chocolate cake and I got the Italian duo which included tiramisu and almond cream cake. Thanks to Connor's website for these delicious pics! Hungry yet?

We got our dessert to go since we were stuffed! We took it back to the Westin where Rob had gotten us a room! If you are familiar with Bridgestreet in Huntsville, you know that the Westin is attached to the shopping and restaurants. It was so nice to just step out of the room and have so much to do. We were upgraded to a suite which was beautiful and looked out over Bridgestreet.

The suite was beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a night out without spending a fortune. When we got back from dinner I found thisI mean seriously what girl would not LOVE this? It was an amazing night out with no stress, no worries, and no thinking! Thanks to my amazing husband for being romantic even if we didn't leave Madison County! :)

By the way, Rob wasn't the only good person last night though! He did get to watch the last half of the Auburn game in the room.......pretty nice of me huh?