Monday, September 14, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Childhood Photos

Kelly's Korner did the Childhood Photos week of Show Us Your Life a couple of weeks ago. I had chosen some pictures while visiting my parents a few weeks ago but forgot to pack them in the car when we left. So, this weekend my mom came up to my house and remembered to bring them so better late than never!

I didn't dig really deep in all of my mom's photos so I only picked out a few (and some that I saw will NEVER be put online for the whole world to see......I mean, c'mon). The first one shows you how much my mother hated me. No, just kidding! I guess in the early '80s this was fashionable. That is really hard for me to believe but that's what my mom has told me.Can I just say that I HATED knee socks but my mother thought they were adorable. She would put them on me in the morning and as soon as I would get to daycare or school I would roll them down! Even then I was so much cooler than her! HA! And check out the shoes........was it the '50s? This was a daycare picture so I'm thinking it was 1984. And is it just me or are my pigtails uneven? I hated getting my hair fixed, so they are probably crooked!

Now on to more professional photos. I think in these I was either 4 or 5 so I'm thinking 1985 or 1986. Two of my cousins and I all went to see Ray Hathorn (who I believe still does professional photography but now lives on the coast). I really thought I was something with wardrobe changes and poses. This was so out of my Olan Mills norm! HA!

This bear is Leonard and I still have him in storage today! Leonard was my best friend and still looks practically new. Seriously, how cute is this picture?

Of course, I did warm up to the camera when I realized how cute I was! :)

Not really sure what this pose is? But holding my mouth like that was the reason I had to wear braces for two years because of a serious overbite! :)
This pic is from first or second grade:

Notice at this point the hair has gotten darker and the freckles have started coming out! These are the only pics that I dug out. From middle school on, I pretty much looked the same as I do now, except for hair. If Kelly does a hair post, that could just get ugly!!! I had some HORRIBLE hair-dos!!! Thank goodness for modern technology, my hair is now blessed with a straightener each day!
I hope you enjoy these pics of my childhood!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Oh the memories. I always liked the B&Ws.

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