Thursday, May 13, 2010

Attention All Coffee Drinkers - We Need Your Help

Rob and I have officially begun the adoption process. The first batch of paperwork is completed and our individual interviews are done. We are now working on the second batch of paperwork and then will schedule the home study. So far, so good. Our social worker is absolutely precious and SO easy to talk to, which has been such a relief. At this point, money is the biggest concern. We are trying to save but at the same time, we are also trying to pay some things off (remember, Dave Ramsey).

We started a new class at our church last week. This class is for new members or visitors to really get to know the church. Asbury Methodist has a HUGE congregation so they offer this class to give you a better opportunity to learn about ALL that the church has to offer. This week during class, we were discussing our adoption and how our interviews went this week. One of the girls in our class reached in her purse and pulled out a business card, handed it to me and told me about a friend of hers. This friend has a coffee company and has started donating some of the proceeds to adoptive parents, both beginning the adoption process and after the child has been adopted. Money was really on my mind all day yesterday and God definitely showed me at church last night that everything is going to work out!

As soon as we got home from church, I got online and looked at the site. Rob and I are now part of their site and I'm so excited about it. For every bag of coffee or t-shirt that is sold, we will get $5, for every tumbler, hat, or bag we will get $3 and for every scoop of coffee sold we will get $1. Each month they will send us a check to add to our adoption fund.

PLEASE, PLEASE visit and anything you purchase will help us on our journey to our baby! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!


Tiffany said...

We are also doing Justlove coffee! LOVE them! (And we are trying to adopt while following Dave Ramsey - ha! Tricky) Many prayers and blessings on your journey!