Monday, May 24, 2010

Six In The City - Day 1

Saturday morning Rob and I, along with our friends Scott and Meredith and Matt and Stephanie, headed to Atlanta for two days of lots of fun, lots of sun, and TONS of laughs!! We set out early Saturday morning and our first stop in Atlanta was The Varsity. This was Matt and Stephanie's first trip to Atlanta so of course this was a MUST! (Since Matt is from Arizona and Stephanie is from Louisanna they have LOTS to experience) After lunch we drove around downtown and ended up at Centennial Park.
We walked through Centennial Park and headed over to the Coca-Cola Museum.

After Coca-Cola we headed to Buckhead where we stayed at the W Hotel. (This pic is courtesy of After checking in and freshening up, we set out to find dinner. The rules were that we absolutely could not eat at a chain restaurant. We wanted local fare that only Atlanta could offer. Rob and Scott and our friend Maggie (also known as Magellan, the GPS) decided to scout out a local brewery in Buckhead. After driving for about 30 minutes towards our destination, when we arrived to the address it was a Japanese steakhouse. After laughing hysterically (because I have learned that the hungrier that people are, the funnier things become) we set out to find something else. We had seen another brewery on our way in so after about an hour we found Gordon Biersch, a place no one had ever eaten, or so we thought. Once we got inside and got drinks, Matt realized that he had eaten at one of these restaurants before in Arizona. This is an established chain with LOTS of locations. It was hysterical that it took us HOURS to find dinner and ended up eating at a chain restaurant....but it was good food and we had a great time. I had the BEST pineapple mojito EVER, so I was a happy girl! :)

After dinner we headed back to the hotel's rooftop bar, Whiskey Blue, where Rob showed off his dance moves. As I begged him to stop, Scott begged him to keep dancing. You can imagine who won! (I'm really sorry I have no pictures....NO I'm really not sorry about that, I'm actually quite grateful)

On our way back to our rooms we got "stuck" on the elevator with two VERY drunk women and their male sidekick "Seersucker Scott." We entered the elevator first and then their crew got on. Since the elevators were secure, everyone had to swipe their card to select a floor. We couldn't get to the buttons because this crew was in the way. One of the girls kept going in and out of consciousness and they tried to "kidnap" Meredith. It was absolutely hilarious. We rode up and down on that elevator to every floor except the two that we needed. People on the floors would just look at us when the doors opened but nobody would dare get on. It was SO funny! Again, no pictures. I was just focused on getting out of the elvator and away from the drunk clan. :)

Stay tuned for Day 2 - The Georgia Renaissance Festival! :)


The Farm said...

Sounds like a blast! Nichole, you are a blonde now! :) You and Meredith look great!