Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six In The City - Part 2

On Sunday we headed to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. We really expected a big, open field with tents but were surprised to find a mini-theme park. The buildings are permanent structures and it's actually kind of impressive. We were some of the only people who were not dressed up, which was really surprising considering it was 90 degrees outside. It was a REALLY hot day.

Trying to decide which direction to head:

We acted silly, saw lots of shows, ate some good food and drank LOTS of water. The bottled water and soft drinks were MORE expensive than Disney World. Just thought that was funny! :)

The guys tested their strength

Scott became part of "The Ded Bob Show" and he had a GREAT time! ;)We stayed until the park was about to close and climbed our sweaty selves back into the car for a LONG drive back to Madison. We had a great time in Atlanta and enjoyed our time with great friends. Can't wait for our next road trip! :)