Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes, Maybe I Have a Problem (or two) but I'm Breaking Free

Over the last 6 weeks I have been studying Beth Moore's Breaking Free. It's a 10-week study and I LOVE it! So, I've been working on breaking free!

First on my agenda is breaking free from clutter. By no means am I a hoarder, but I accumulate a lot of STUFF! I'm not a knick-knack sort of girl. In fact, I'm very simplistic in decor. However, my closets are a different story! :)

Last weekend I finally found time to clean out my closet. Our house has many great attributes, big yard, big bedrooms, etc. However, since it's an older house, the closets are SMALL, basically non-existent (apparently people in the early 80's didn't need big closets, HA). So, when the seasons change I have to switch wardrobes and I began this process last week. My biggest feat was shoes and bags. Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE shoes and bags!

First I went through ALL of my shoes and filled an entire garbage bag to donate. (I'm talking the big black yard garbage bags). No human needs so many shoes! So, I narrowed it down and kept ONLY the ones that I actually wear.

Winter Shoes to be put away until later this year:
Summer shoes that I put in the closet (Can I just say that my toes are so glad it's warm again....I LOVE flip-flops)
A few weeks ago while in Atlanta, Rob and I visited The Container Store. Another "problem" I have is an addiction to organizers. I LOVE the idea of being organized but really struggle with the follow-through! While there, I found this gem
That's right, a flip flop holder! I bought it and put it to great use in my closet.
I also will be donating quite a few bags and purses too. I found a basket in our garage and am using it in the bottom of my closet to hold purses.
I'm not going to lie though. This is not all of my purses or bags. The rest are in our guest room closet and I haven't decided what to do with them.
I still have to go through the rest of my spring/summer clothes and add them to my closet so this task is still a ways from being completed. BUT, this is a start! :)

This is the first of a few posts of my "breaking free" tasks!


Anonymous said...

I'm always surprised about those 80s'd think they would be bigger to accommodate all the shoulder pads. I have a few more closets you could work on. Because I want to help you. Because I'm such a giver. No, no, don't thank me. --Marilyn