Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Saturday!

This morning I went with some girlfriends to the Junior League Spring Market at the VBC. They had some really interesting vendors but I only purchased a new toy for Buster and Sam and the cutest shirt for Minnie! It's pink with green felt balls on the bottom with a green bow. It is the cutest shirt and it is absolutely precious on her (if I do say so myself)! Don't ya think so?

I spent the rest of my Saturday here:

Yes I spent the rest of my Saturday working on MY LAST big paper for my Masters! (the stuffed animals on the bed are dog toys...honest) I am close to having the paper completed - just a little more tweaking! I'm almost done with this Masters program and if I EVER mention going back to school, somebody shoot me! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the Tivo remote in the picture!!