Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Even though the temps are still in the low 80's, it's fall in our house. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!! I don't do tons of fall decorating but I do a few things.

Here is our front door. I love mums!!!

"Welcome" flag

This is a better pic of the "Happy Fall" sign on the front door. I ordered this from Etsy a few weeks ago. I wish I was talented enough to paint something like this! (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Etsy)
I found these cute pumpkins at Hobby Lobby for HALF PRICE! They are so cute sitting up in the kitchen window.
I also found this cute kitchen towel at Hobby Lobby. I think it may be a little early for Thanksgiving decorations but not when they are this cute! HA. I found one of these on Etsy but really didn't want to spend $25 on it so I made my own. It's a spin-off of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" signs that are everywhere right now. This looks really cute in the kitchen.

I made this sign last year to go on our mantle. It will stay up until Halloween and then I bring out a Thanksgiving sign.

I made all of these last year too. I used craft pumpkins and paint! They are really cute on the hearth!

I hope everyone is having a great fall. Hopefully our temperatures will fall a little so we can start making soups and wearing boots and sweaters! :)