Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday Night Fun!

This fall has been the busiest season ever. We have had something going on EVERY weekend! Fall is our favorite season so we love being out and about. Friday night I had a "date" with my friend Karla and little Mallory (my fave baby). Karla, Mallory and I had a classic "girls'" night, including Hobby Lobby, Mexican dinner, and shopping at the mall! Doesn't get much better than those places! :) I didn't get many pictures and every time I would try to get a pic of Mallory, she would shake her head "no." So funny!!!! These are a couple that I got of her though.

She had a long day at daycare so she was "chillaxin" in her stroller. She kept putting her feet up on the tray of the stroller like a recliner. She cracks me up! Please notice how unenthused she was with me here. :)

This pic was from dinner and she was not cooperating with my photography! She really does like me...I promise. She just refuses to show it in pictures! HA!

Karla and I have been friends for about 6 years. When we became friends then I never even thought about us having kids and it is so funny when I stop and think about it now. So funny how I don't even remember it being just Karla and myself. Even though Mallory does come with LOTS of "stuff" - diaper bag, stroller, blah, blah, blah...I just can't imagine her not being there now. I can't wait to have a stroller and baby of my own so we can double up on "stuff." I love these two girls! :)