Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog Days of Fall??

Yesterday afternoon, Rob and I took Minnie for a walk on one of the local greenways. We have AMAZING greenways in our area and the weather yesterday was PERFECT! She was SO excited and had so much fun! She even got a new harness for the occasion!

She sniffed every inch of that greenway that we would let her. She really is a well-behaved dog. She never got in anybody's business. If people or other dogs would walk by, she would just look at them and then keep walking.

In about our last 15-20 minute, Minnie completey tired out! She became such a big baby and kept trying to get me to pick her up! So funny!!! She was EXHAUSTED!!!! Once we finally got her to the car, this is what she did! HA!
She cracks me up so much!

On a side note, Buster is down in his back and has to be totally inactive for 21 days! Do you know how hard it is to keep an active dog INACTIVE? Should be an INTERESTING 21 days!!!!