Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Christmas(es)!

Our Christmas ended up being both the weekend before Christmas and as well as Christmas weekend. We started out with Christmas at my grandmother's (my mom's mom). That family is small and we don't see each other nearly often enough so it was nice to just hang out and chit-chat.
The guys were into a football game and waiting to eat. haha!
My grandmother was so proud of her Christmas tree. :) It was pretty!
We also had our Christmas breakfast with my grandparents (my dad's family). This family is HUGE so it's mass chaos but I couldn't imagine it any other way!

This was just too sweet not to share. My cousin Noah and his wife had their second child earlier this year and these are their two kids. How sweet is this big brother? I just LOVED seeing them together! So sweet!
These are a few of my younger cousins (and my brother) and I just adore them! This group keeps me in stitches and also keep me young! :)
Enjoying each other after a HUGE breakfast
We spent Christmas weekend at my parents. On Christmas Eve, some of our family came over for our annual Christmas game night! Rob and I look forward to this night every year because it is SO much fun! We snack and play games and LAUGH all night! LOVE nights like those!

My aunt and uncle (2 of my favorite people in the world)
My mom and brother enjoying a game of Apples to Apples
More Apples to Apples
On Christmas Day, we opened our presents with my parents and brother.
Christmas afternoon, Rob's dad and his wife came over for lunch. It was SO nice to have my family and Rob's together for Christmas afternoon! I love that my father-in-law enjoys my family (and vice versa) because it makes life much easier!
Santa also visited 3 special dogs over the Christmas holiday. Yes, we set out their gifts (remember, we don't have kids) :) They got new plush toys, chew toys, tennis balls, and a new pet bed! And boy, are they enjoying everything! They were good dogs this year! ;)
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and are definitely Blessed! This Christmas was filled with lots of great food, presents, games, but most of all family! It was so nice to get quality time with all of our family! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas holidays and I'm sad to see them go!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love seeing pictures of your family! The Smiths are such a warm bunch all around!

And, even though we have children now, our kitty still got a Christmas present. She has a stocking, actually. :) The girls had a blast picking out a toy for her and wrapping it!

So glad you had such a fun- and family-filled holiday!