Monday, January 23, 2012

Decorating for Valentine's

I was kind of sad to take down the Christmas decorations, which is unusual for me. Most years, by Christmas, I'm ready for my house to go back to "normal." BUT - I've moved on! :) I decorated our kitchen buffet for Valentine's! I wanted to keep it cheap but still look cute.
I found these adorable printables on Pinterest and used one for Christmas. I just upload the Jpeg to my Costco account and have them print it for around $6! There are ones for all of the major holidays and they are so cute!
I found this cute "Love" sign at Hobby Lobby for $3! I put it on an easel that I already had.
Apothecary jars come in SO handy for decorating around the house! I just filled these with colored basket filler paper (from Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars). I tied Valentine's ribbon around the top (that I had already).
I found these glitter hearts at Hobby Lobby for $1 (have I mentioned how much I LOVE cheap) :)
These candlesticks are always on the bathroom counter but for Valentine's, I tied some Valentine's ribbon around them. I also found this cute printable on Pinterest too and put it in this adorable frame that I already had at my house.
Pinterest is a GREAT place to find ideas for decorating and I'm totally addicted! I also have an addiction to printables! :) It's such a cute and FREE way to add a little decoration to your house!


blessed mama - crystal joy said...

Love your valentine's day decor ideas! Great blog!