Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington DC - White House

We are back from our weeklong DC trip. It was a fun-filled, action packed week! This was my second time in DC but Rob and my brother's first trip. I don't think you ever have enough time in DC to enjoy everything that the city has to offer!

The only way that I know how to blog this trip and keep it from being one LONG post is to break it up into specific places that we saw. Blogging this trip could take a week or two so enjoy or come back in a few weeks and we will be on to something else! ha!

We were actually lucky enough to get into DC in time to take the White House Fall Garden Tour. On this tour, you can tour all of the White House grounds and see all of the beautiful fall plants and colors along with other notable White House notables.

The last time I was in DC we were unable to get close to the White House. We were all in absolute awe of the history and beauty of this national treasure.

View from the front of the White House looking toward the Washington Monument. This is the area where Marine One (the President's helicopter) lands when he returns from a trip.
The Rose Garden where the President gives many speeches. I will say that this area seems SOO much bigger on TV than it really is. I will be honest and say I was in complete awe of this area when I stopped to think about all of the speeches that have been given here.
The swing set that was put in for the Obama girls
View from further down the lawn
If you follow the current presidency you probably know that Michelle Obama is very passionate about healthy eating and active lifestyles. You may have seen articles or news pieces about her White House garden. It is one impressive and beautiful garden!
Such a beautiful scene

I took TONS of pics on this tour so this could go on forever but I still have LOTS of pics to share so I'll leave it with these. I will say that if you are ever in DC for the Fall Garden Tours weekend in October, you should definitely check it out! It is BEAUTIFUL!