Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Nichole at 30 would say to Nichole at 20!

Things that Nichole at 30 years old would tell a 20 year old Nichole!

1. MTV is NOT the only channel on TV!
2. Easy Mac should not be eaten at every meal! When you are 30, you will still gag at the thought of eating Easy Mac because you ate FAR too much of it back then!
3. Go ahead and start loving your alarm clock! It will be a part of your life FOREVER!
4. Sleeping until noon will not always be an option!
5. Working 20 hours a week while going to school is NOTHING! Just wait, in a few years you will work a full time job while working on your Master's! Then, you will know tough!!
6. You will LOVE sushi! There is more in the world than chicken fingers and fries!
7. The lights that you leave on actually do cost money! You will learn to turn things off!
8. As cool as you think you are, in 10 years you will look back at pictures and ask yourself what you were thinking!
9. Cell phones are nothing! Just wait and see what's coming down the pike!
10. Go ahead and learn to LOVE football! You will eventually plan your weekends around the SEC and actually enjoy it! CRAZY, I know! You will actually be a little sad when college football season ends!

But seriously, I wish 20-year-old Nichole would have known and understood these things!

1. God's plan is SO much bigger than your plan. Your path is so much bigger than you ever thought it would be. Life is not going to go exactly as you would like it or as you had planned!

2. All of the heartache will make you a stronger person and make you truly appreciate the one that God finally puts in your life.

3. Learn to love yourself! Everyone has flaws and it's OK!!!!

4. The material things will never make you who you are! Only buy things you can pay cash for!! You will have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Dave Ramsey and wish everyone around you would follow the plan too!

5. 30 is NOT old! 30 is actually a GREAT time because you will finally start figuring this whole life thing out!!!!

6. Don't say you don't want kids because at about the age of 27 your "clock" is going to go CRAZY!

7. Learn to be patient and wait! Enjoy the journey that gets you to the place you want to be! You will literally blink and be 30 before you know it!!!!!!!!!

8. Make meaningful friendships!!! You will need them SO many times!!!!!!

9. Have a REAL relationship with God! Talk to Him everyday!!!!!!!!!!! (Even at 30, I'm not where I want to be with this) He listens!!!!!!!!

10. You will find a husband who loves you for you! He will be kind, patient and your absolute best friend! You will become so much closer than you ever could imagine!

11. Go ahead and try new things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be happy you did!