Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me (Again)!

When I returned to work on the 18th, my staff had decorated my office!! When I walked in the office and my office door was shut, I knew it couldn't be good! ;) How cute are the polka dot streamers???

No 30th birthday is complete without LOTS of black balloons!

They had also made this cute poster and put it on the wall. (and it's actually still there because I like it) :)
Birth year of JT...very important fact!!!! Also, the year Prince Charles married Diana AND post-it notes were launched by 3M. BIG YEAR!
Check out these high prices! I wish a day at Disney World still cost this!
Seriously, who knew that Buffalo Wild Wings was 30 years old? Well, NOT ME!

We also had homemade cupcakes which were adorable and yummy (and I forgot to get a picture) AND they gave me a gift card to Charming Charlie (one of my favorite places). I am so blessed to work with people that I absolutely love to be around! I really do have a great job!