Monday, August 17, 2009

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay...

...or sitting at Hard Dock on the Tennessee River...either way, a good time! Saturday night Rob and I met up with Scott and Meredith to enjoy a celebratory evening at Hard Dock in Decatur. Meredith's birthday was earlier this month and Scott just finished up his Bachelor's. We had all heard about Hard Dock but had never been there. We will all definitely be going back. It is just a small restaurant/bar right on the river and we sat on the patio/deck and enjoyed the summer evening and the people watching (right Meredith!)

Matt (minus Stephanie who was in Louisiana) and Scott looking for a breeze

As you can tell by our faces, we didn't find the breeze :)

Scott and Meredith - the b'day girl and college grad! We had fun with you guys! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

*By the way, it is absolutely ridiculous what humidity does to my hair (I know lots of you have this issue too). My hair was straight and fixed when I left the house... Yet when we got home after getting sweaty and being outside my hair had become one big curl! So annoying....anyway sorry...just had to vent! ;)


Scott and Mer said...

We had a great time!! Looking forward to sittin on the dock of the bay again soon.