Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Showers - A Bittersweet Post

It's Wedding Shower week at Kelly's Korner! This blog is bittersweet for me because it was by far the hardest week that I have had so far in my life!

Rob and I got married in September of 2003. In May of 2003, Rob's mother, Carol was diagnosed with liver cancer. Carol had already battled both breast cancer and stomach cancer and won both! We were worried but really felt that she would pull through this cancer too! During her chemo treatment, which was the bagged chemo that was attached to her at all times, she continued to get very weak. On August 9, Carol was taken to Huntsville Hospital because the cancer and chemo were getting the best of her. I remember this date, because this was the day of our "Tool and Gadget Shower" in Huntsville. Rob went with his dad to carry Carol to the hospital, then ran home and got ready for the shower. We spent that Saturday night with our wonderful friends and family and got so many wonderful things and it helped us get our minds off what was happening with Rob's mom.

The next day on Sunday, August 10, Carol passed away. It was heartbreaking and by far the worst thing that Rob and I have endured thus far in our relationship. Carol was a strong minded, stubborn, but just a wonderful person! She was so excited that her youngest son was getting married. We consulted with her on all major wedding decisions because she always had a say! :) Carol's funeral was held on the Tuesday, August 12th. Carol was always the life of the party and would not have wanted us to change our plans for her. Rob and I thought long and hard about postponing the remainder of wedding events, such as showers and the ceremony itself. However, in the end, Carol would have wanted things to go on the way that everyone had planned. She was definitely NOT a selfish person!!

The following weekend was my Bridal Tea in Oneonta given to me by friends that I have known all my life. It was wonderful and therapeutic! It was such a bittersweet day! I was so lucky because I was surrounded by people who cared about me and thought enough of Rob and me to give us thoughtful wedding gifts. That makes you smile! However, I was so sad that Carol wasn't there and that, of course, was sad. The day was filled with all sorts of emotions but I think looking back, it was exactly what we needed after the long week! In a situation like this, people kind of pick you up and carry you through it! And the fact that we were and are lucky enough to have those people in our lives means we are blessed beyond belief!!!!

(Rob was not at my bridal tea, but he and my dad came when it was over to help us load everything up.)

I think about Carol a lot and sometimes wonder what she would think. I know that if she were here, I wouldn't have to wonder because she would definitely let me know! ;) Though that was THE toughest week of our life together, it definitely brought us closer together and gave us a real world "for better or worse" situation. It still makes me sad that Rob's mom did not get to see him get married and won't be with us when we have our children, but I know she is with us daily in spirit and for that we are very lucky!

I'm sorry this was such a downer type post but that was the week of our wedding showers. I really can't talk about the showers without explaining what a week it was! Our family and friends were so giving and we got so many wonderful gifts!


Anonymous said...

You know what I think this post needs? A picture of the cat statue you got. ;)