Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad Hair DayS!

Wednesday was a rough day for me, one of the worst! ;) I was getting ready for work and realized that my flat iron was not heating up at all! Now, if you flat iron your hair on a daily basis you know where I'm coming from and how upsetting this is. I have been wanting a new straightener but couldn't really justify buying one since mine was still in working condition. Well, this week the old flat iron went on to straightener heaven so needless to say the last two days have not been my best hair days. Thank goodness, I didn't have much going on at work .

Tonight, I went to Ulta and bought myself a new Chi straightener......exciting, I know! Not only did I finally get a Chi flat iron....but it's a cute one too! Maybe this will help my motivation in the mornings....well at least for a few days! HA! Seriously, doesn't this flat iron just make you smile?