Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

I did this on Facebook last week and figured I would share it with the rest of you!

1. I love my dogs like they are children! It is kind of ridiculous!

2. I wonder everyday why I chose to go back to school for my Masters. (I know, I will be worth it in the end)

3. I don't want to procrastinate but I just can't help myself!

4. I have SO many pet peeves! (too many to mention)

5. One of the biggest of these pet peeves: People that can only talk about themselves drive me NUTS!

6. I love Reese Cups.

7. I am married to the kindest and most patient man in the world! (He is the ONLY person in the world that could put up with me everday...just ask my parents)

8. I could eat Mexican food every day!

9. I sometimes CRAVE sushi! I found that I love it a few years ago. Who would have thought?

10. I love living in Madison but I secretly want to move back to Oneonta! (which I vowed would NEVER happen)

11. I vowed I was not going to get sucked into the "Twilight" series but here I am about to complete the final book! Yes, I got sucked in too!

12. I absolutely LOVE Cirque du Soleil shows! We have seen six so far and hope to see many more.

13. I love the snooze button.

14. I have a fear of being alone.

15. I am a big scaredy-cat! Hence, the reason we have ADT.

16. I could not live without flip flops. As soon as temp hits the high 60's I'm wearing them and this drives Rob crazy!

17. I absolutely HATE winter (which is bad since my birthday is in January)

18. I think TIVO was the greatest invention EVER!

19. I am absolutely addicted to my Blackberry. It cannot be more than 5 feet away from me!

20. Rob and I have been married five years and been to Disney World 4 times. Can you tell that is our favorite place to go?

21. I love relaxing weeks at the beach!

22. I am terrified of needles which makes the thought of childbirth even worse!

23. I have been blessed with a wonderful family who I appreciate more each day!

24. People sometimes just get on my nerves! ;) I really can't explain it!

25. I have become addicted to blogging and I love looking at other people's blogs! It is just so interesting!