Sunday, February 15, 2009

A simple, yet wonderful day!

Rob and I had a wonderful, quiet Valentine's Day! We decided just to do something small since we are doing things around the house (possibly getting it ready to sale?). I gave Rob a Polo and he bought me a few CD's that I have been wanting. He even MADE me a card, which was the sweetest card he has ever given me! (Yes, he's a keeper) We went to Monocco and watched He's Just Not That Into You which was a really cute movie. Here we are taking a self-portrait before the movie: (have you guys ever noticed that most of my pictures are taken with my Blackberry which is absolutely ridiculous since I have a great new camera)

Then, we had 8:00 reservations at Phuket (pronounced "pooh-get" for all of you who will sound it out...ha). The tables in the restaurant were really close to each other and about 1/3 of the way through dinner this middle-aged couple sat down at the table next to us. They started talking to us about what we had ordered and what they were going to choose. At first I was a little annoyed because we were enjoying a nice, quiet meal together. As dinner continued and they kept talking I realized that maybe I shouldn't be annoyed but to actually pay attention to them. The lady was asking if we have children yet and how long we have been married. When we told her that we have been married for about 5 1/2 years and have really just been enjoying our lives, she explained that we had done it the right way. This is so weird, because lately I have been struggling with whether or not we have made the right decision by waiting to have children (yes I know there isn't anything that I can do about this now). But this stranger at dinner reminded me of why we waited and that it was the BEST decision for us! We have built an awesome foundation for a family in all aspects. We have a great relationship with each other and our families and are financially and emotionally ready for a child! It was so amazing that this stranger helped me with this insight! So, lesson learned for me - you can learn a lot from people if you will LISTEN! God will put people in your path but it's up to us to pay attention.

ADDED BONUS: my delicious dessert....fried banana with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream! YUMMY!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!