Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanks for everyone's help!

As a lot of you know, Rob and I decided to sponsor a child for Christmas this year. We were given a five-year-old girl's wishlist and MANY of you helped by giving us tips and suggestions on what to buy her! This was SO helpful since we were rather clueless. Our hope is that she has a wonderful Christmas! We have always talked about doing something like this but just never took the time to do it! We learned this year how much fun it can be and how rewarding it is as well. Our goal is to continue this tradition each year even when we have children. I think this is a wonderful thing for families to do together! Thanks again to everyone who helped us with ideas and input and here's what the little girl's Christmas will look like.


Kusrey said...

I think you made a mistake the hannah montana bunny you got me is in with that little girls things.