Friday, November 14, 2008

Into the Wild

Rob and I both had trips to the Smokey Mountains over the Veteran's Day weekend. I went on my annual girls' trip with the girls from Oneonta, while Rob went on his first hiking/camping guys' trip. The girls left on Friday and spent the weekend lounging around, going to Dollywood, and shopping. However, the guys left on Friday, hiked 6.2 miles into the mountins, set up camp and spent 3 nights, then hiked the 6.2 miles out. Hope you enjoy the slideshows- one of my relaxing weekend and one of Rob's hiking/camping trip!


Anonymous said...

Who ever knew bears were dangerous!!??! Love the new pictures. I'm glad that you're up to updating your blog regularly - unlike me!! Got lots to tell ya - (I'm coming home Nov 28 through Dec 3)!! :)

Cindy Leigh said...

Rob - I am impressed! Stunned even...
See you guys tomorrow.