Monday, March 5, 2012

Who Says Antiques Can't Be Modern?

A few weeks ago, Rob and I went to a local antique store and I found this gem! I couldn't decide if I wanted to use it for craft supplies or jewelry but knew it needed to be in my house either way! :) It looks a little yellow in this picture but it's actually a cream color.
The lady that did this piece took this adorable orange and green fabric and covered the inside of the lid and the removable tray.
Under the tray is the depth of the piece...cute, huh?
I ended up putting it in my bedroom and using it for my jewelry. I put a few baskets in the bottom and organized all of my necklaces and cheaper jewelry and used the tray for my nice jewelry and what I wear the most often. I LOVE this piece of furniture. It's so different than other pieces and just so fun!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

How cool! I have an antique dresser that belonged to my great grandmother. I think it was bought in 1918. I had it refinished a couple of years ago. It is in my spare bedroom and has some craft stuff in it. :) I still need to hang the's the best part, I think. It's a gorgeous oval.

I have a trunk I need to work on. It isn't quite as old - it's from the early 40's - but it has quite a history. My grandmother took it to college with her, and then my dad did, too. :) My grandmother had it at her house until she died. She used some shelf liner in it, and the inside is in bad shape. And that shelf paper is going to be nasty to deal with - ick! Still, I am thankful to still have it in the family!