Sunday, March 4, 2012

Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we spent a long, relaxing weekend in Gatlinburg with our friends, Matt and Stephanie. We rented a cute cabin in the woods and had so much fun!

Our cabin was really cute and secluded
So quiet and cozy
Nothing better than a fire in the woods
We drove up in the park and looked at the beautiful scenery (even in the winter, it's still so pretty up there)
Can you tell it was FREEZING? It was in the low to mid 50s in Gatlinburg that day, but like 32 degrees when we got up on top of the mountains. AND.SO.WINDY!
We did LOTS of shopping, which the guys LOVED ;)
Ate LOTS of good food. These were Rob's sweet potato pancakes from Pancake Pantry. SO YUMMY!
We rode the tramway to Ober Gatlinburg, which surprisingly we had never done. It's so pretty up there!
We had such a fun weekend and were NOT ready to come home! Matt and Stephanie are the best travel buddies because we all enjoy the same kind of things! It was such a fun, relaxing time and I can't wait until our next trip!