Friday, August 26, 2011

Visiting the Nation's Capital

As you can see, I'm reading a travel book on Washington, DC. Rob has to go to DC in October and my brother and I are going to tag along. We have been lucky enough to get to travel with Rob's job to some fun places and this year is Washington DC.

I actually visited DC during my senior class trip in high school and actually enjoyed the city more than I thought I would. However, at 30, I'm a little more mature and appreciative of this great country so I'm excited to experience it again!

I bought this book earlier this week and am learning as much as possible before we go. I'm attempting to plan out our days. Of course we will hit as many high notes as we know the Capitol, the monuments, Smithsonian, etc but are there any "must-sees" that we need to know about before we go?

If anyone has any ideas of great things we should look into, please tell me! Any great finds, restaurants, shopping places...I'm open to any advice!!