Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Louisiana Weekend - Part 2

On Sunday, we got up early to head to the parades. But before that, we stopped off at the Coffee House, for beignets. YUMMO! This is such a neat little village. They have taken old farm houses from the area and put them all in the same spot to form The Cajun Village, which houses a wine shop, an antique store, etc. So cute, right?

The parade we went to was in Thibodaux, Louisiana where Stephanie has family. We had MORE great food and LOTS of king cake!

Stephanie, her sister Trish, and her neice Addison

Dobbins (the chef and Stephanie's dad) and Stephanie

Some of the floats

This parade actually goes by twice so you get both sides of the floats, which I thought was neat. It is also a more family friendly parade so the crazies were limited (thank goodness). Rob and I with our collection of beads!
The weather was absolutely perfect for the parade, high 70's with a breeze! We had such a great time the entire weekend and want to go back and do more sight-seeing. We headed home Monday morning, of course after a huge breakfast, compliments of Stephanie's family! :)
Right now we have no more trips planned on our calendar. Guess it's time to start planning! :)


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, this looks like such a fun trip!!! I was planning to make jambalaya last night in honor of Mardi Gras (although I ended up making a Thai dish instead...quite a long way from The Big Easy, somehow!). New Orleans has always been one of "our places", and we are so looking forward to taking the girls in a few years.