Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ribbon Wreath

A couple of months ago, my friend Karla and I got together for a "Craft Sunday" to make wreath ribbons. Karla made one for her sister's baby nursery so now that her sister has hers and the secret's out, I can share mine! :)

We found lots of different ways to make them but this is the one that we tried first. (I will definitely try more). I decided to make a Christmas one for myself so I bought a syrofoam wreath and coordinating Christmas ribbons from Hobby Lobby.

I cut the ribbons into strips.

You take push pins and loop the ribbon to attach it to the wreath. As you can see, there is no specific way to arrange it. Your goal is to completely cover the styrofoam.

And voila!!! Cute, huh? It took a couple of hours (and a snack break) to complete.

I had an unfinished wooden "A" from Michael's and decided it would be perfect for the center of my wreath. I painted it a bright green and used a paint pen to add the red polka dots.

I used a staple gun and push pins to attach it to the wreath and the project was complete. I was originally going to put the wreath on the inside of our back door. However, I have put it on our mirror over the fireplace and it's really cute. (I'll do a Christmas tour of our house later this week) Here is a picture of the final product (it's a HORRIBLE picture because I realized while doing this blog post that I didn't have a picture of the completed wreath so this is from the Blackberry - it looks yellow and it's NOT - it's GREEN).

Stay tuned for more pictures of our house decorated for Christmas! I will try to get those posted this week! Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the snow (if you have gotten any over the last few days)! :)


Anonymous said...

That is TOTALLY cute!! I'm going to have to make one for our house!!

Coley said...

Super cute! Do you remember how many rolls of ribbon you used to make that??

Nichole said...

I don't remember how many rolls of ribbon I used - I'm thinking I used around 7 or 8. I have seen people using fabric instead of ribbons. They just cut the pieces into strips and use it. I think that would be a lot cheaper and I may try that!