Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday Night at The Brick

Saturday night Rob and I joined some friends for dinner fun. We decided to try somewhere that none of us had ever been so we took the advice of another friend (Thanks Katie) and headed to Decatur to The Brick. We listened to live music and just had a great time.

Since Meredith was in San Francisco for work, we wanted her to know she was missed. :) See how sad he is Meredith? Haha! We did miss you though!

The band, Wild Ride, sounded REALLY good. They weren't a normal looking group but they were definitely good. The lead guitarist was a little strange and would walk around to all of the tables and just hang out while playing. You can tell in this picture how awkward this was! HA!

What do we drink next? :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 Week Beach Vacation!

Yes, you read that correctly! I was lucky enough to have a TWO week vacation! On Saturday July 31st, Rob and I headed to Gulf Shores for the week. It ended up being just the two of us and was actually one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. We had no set plans or schedule and it was WONDERFUL! I haven't gotten SO bad about forgetting to take pictures so this blog is LACKING! SORRY!

The beaches were beautiful and calm. It wasn't near as crowded as it normally is but there were still quite a few people. We had a rain shower at least once a day but with temperatures over 100 degrees, the showers really helped to cool it down so it was really nice.

The beautiful and calm beach
Of course while at the beach, we also had some wonderful seafood. At Tacky Jack's we tried some gator (I have had this before, but it was years ago)
We also ate lots of OYSTERS..........yummo!
We also tried the Ol' World Pizza and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!! This is a pic of our shrimp pizza and we also had one with roasted red peppers and crawfish!

On Sunday, Rob headed home and I began my second week of paradise. My mom and her co-workers had to be in Orange Beach for the week for a conference so my brother and I tagged along. I know all of the girls and always have a great time with them. (I'm hoping that some of them took some pics that I can steal and add to this blog post...haha) During the day they were all busy so I spent some much needed quality time with my brother. We did some shopping, and spent LOTS of time in the pool!!! I don't think I've spent that much time in a pool since I was a child. It wasn't near as hot the second week as it was during the first. A tropical depression was brewing so there was a NICE breeze! The beach was absolutely BARE. We pretty much had the entire area to ourselves which was GREAT!

We headed home on Friday and I started back in the real world on Monday. After two weeks on the coast I had become a local and really hated to leave! Wouldn't life be GREAT if laying out was all we had to worry about every day? WOW...what a life that would be!