Sunday, January 10, 2010

COLD week! (and Dreams of Summer)

This week in Alabama has been COLD! I seriously do not remember it ever being this cold and I have now decided that living in the north is definitely NOT for me! Most of the week was spent in the teens and single digits (yes, that's COLD). It snowed Thursday and Friday, which we all know shuts the south down. Rob and I have barely left the house, so instead we just relaxed in our sweats and watched Netflix movies and it was awesome. I get bored easily but not this weekend. Staying in and watching movies has been so relaxing and nice.

We did, however, eat out with friends Saturday night at Phil Sandoval's, which was yummy as usual. Good company always makes it more fun! There was also lots of talk about beach vacations which only made me long for Summer even more than I already did.
Of course beach talk also brings up the dreaded "D" word - yes dieting! Rob and I bought groceries today and it's on! The holidays are over so there is NO excuse any more! We will see how this goes! Our August beach trip will be here before we know it! During these COLD temps, I will just long for this!