Monday, June 29, 2009

Beaching It!

Rob and I spent the last week in Gulf Shores with my parents and brother. It was a wonderful, relaxing week. There is just nothing better (to me) than relaxing at the beach! We spent every day either sitting at the beach or lounging at the pool. It was also GREAT because my office basically ran smoothly without me (except for one minor mishap). After waking up at 6 am on Monday morning with a problem at the office, they pretty much ran themselves after that and I was so GRATEFUL! It is SO nice to be able to leave them and not worry about what's going on without me!

We, of course, ate LOTS of seafood (which is my fave next to Mexican, of course). We ate at Calypso Joe's, Wolfbay Lodge, Doc's, Fish Camp, Grazie, and our last night Rob and my dad went and picked up shrimp! Can I just say YUMMY? We were relaxing and beaching it so much that we didn't even get many pictures. But here are a few from our first day but this is pretty much how each day went down!

All 5 of us listened to our iPods or radios and read books and magazines. How awesome! I actually read FOUR books during the week! This is the first time in YEARS that I haven't had schoolwork to do and it was AMAZING. It's so awesome to get to read for FUN!

Before heading out to Calypso Joe's

This is the first time since Rob and I got married that we don't have another trip planned. Every time we have come home from a trip, we always have another one to look forward to....until now. We actually have NO trips planned so we have to get on it...........I have to have something to look forward to (even if it's another trip at the beach) :)