Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Years Fly By!

Ten years ago this weekend, I went on my last first date! I was in my third year of college and surely wasn't looking for a serious relationship! Wow, how I didn't know what God had in store for me! It was the most fun and EASY first date ever! Rob took me to Copeland's to eat, then to a know, typical first date. After the movie, we headed to a local Applebee's for drinks and I just didn't want the night to end. I was staying with my grandmother (who lived in the same town) so we went back to her house and talked and talked and talked. For the people that know us well, know this is not a shocker! The two of us are always talking! :)

My life changed completely that weekend! There was an ease that I had never felt was just comfortable! In fact, I told my grandmother the next morning that this was the guy that I would marry! And trust me, I was in NO rush to get married! Rob was and is the most comfortable thing in my life! He pushes me to do and try new things, to always see the positive in every situation and to believe in myself. He loves me for me and everything that includes and for that I'm a lucky girl! He is such an amazing man and I'm SO, SO, SO glad I went on that first date 10 years ago!

We went to Gatlinburg last weekend (will blog that soon) so this weekend was pretty low key. We had dinner at PF Changs and then saw This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine.
It was a cute movie! Not too chick flickish (like my new word)...had love but also action! Plus, I LOVE Reese Witherspoon...she's just adorable.

Happy "Anniversary" to my wonderful husband who changed my life 10 years ago! I cannot imagine my life any other way than right where I am in this moment! :)