Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 1

So many blogs are participating in the Photo a Day Challenge. I'm not sure I can keep it up for one whole year but I'll at least try it for the month of February! Fat Mum Slim has set up a template to follow for February so I'm going to join in on the fun!

I'm going to TRY to take an Instagram photo each day and blog! This could really go either way so here goes nothing! :) Day 1 is "your view." Well tonight my view was oh so exciting! NOT! :)
I am NOT.a.housekeeper! But I'm a little anal about my laundry and I can't stand for it to pile up and it has gotten a little out of control so I'm getting a handle on it. TONIGHT! I hope everyone enjoyed Day 1 because I know it was astounding! HA! Hopefully, I will be more exciting soon! :)


SimplyHeather said...

Haha I had to do laundry too :-/ ehh